Even if. Will you choose to trust Him?

“We don’t have to know all the details. We don’t have to know the whys and the how’s. But we can trust Jesus will accomplish His purpose. Even if our circumstances aren’t good, His purpose always is. God may answer our prayer just the way we hoped. Or He may not. But at the end of the day will you trust His view of things? Will you trust that He knows the best way even if you don’t? That’s the question for all of us. Every day. Will you trust Him? Even if.”

The Bible study, “Finding I am” by Lysa Terkeurst is just what my heart has needed since dad passed away. I’m slowly getting there. Slowly choosing to trust Him again. Yesterday I stood in worship and was able to sing above a whisper without completely losing it. I’ve been able to read His Word again without it stinging my heart so bad causing me to close my bible and walk away. I’ve chosen to fight through the grief I thought I had handled well but I hadn’t. I was refusing to deal with it because it hurt so much. God knows just what we need and He has put people in my life to help me through this. So thankful for my friend Jessie who has opened her home and started this study. Thankful for the ladies that I have gotten to know and who are walking this journey with me. I’m slowly getting there and feeling more like myself. Grief is hard y’all. It hurts you deep, to the core. But we must deal with it. We can’t tuck it away and walk away. The last year and a half I’ve done just that but step by step I’m choosing to trust God again. His ways are good. Even if my entire being wants to convince me otherwise I am choosing to believe that even if, His ways are good. So I will trust even when I don’t understand. I will trust even when it hurts. I will trust even when He says no. I will trust because His ways are always good.

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