The Comeback

Hi everyone! I’m excited to start blogging again after taking a couple of years off! I really wanted to start a new space instead of reactivating my old blog. Sometimes life just calls for a fresh start!

I’m excited to share with you guys! I can promise the grammar police that there will be mistakes but rest assured I’m trying my best to keep them to a minimum. Thank goodness for spell check but not so much for auto correct right?

I took a few years off blogging and can’t believe I started our family blog almost 9 years ago. Josiah, my oldest, was just a baby and life was so crazy. Balancing motherhood was rough for me but through the journey I learned so much!  Feel free to check out the about me page.

I’m looking forward to sharing posts about nutrition, workouts, new recipes, random ramblings, hard losses, lessons learned, home decor, family craziness and whatever else life brings. It will be a little bit of everything. A melting pot of sorts.

I’m not looking to make it big in the blogging world or get famous ha! I just love sharing things I’ve learned in hopes that it will help someone else. If I find an awesome deal or cool idea why keep it to myself? I’m a big believer in helping others and sharing things that have worked for me.

Feel free to follow along or if you don’t really care to read, there’s an x button you can click at the top right 😉. I promise it won’t hurt my feelings!

Cheers to a new season of blogging!


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