What’s Up Wednesday {09.27.17}

Today I am linking up with Mix and Match Mama, Sheaffer Told Me To and Larson Lingo for Whats Up Wednesday. I have been reading their What’s Up Wednesday posts for a while now so I thought I would join in on the fun! They do this on the last Wednesday of every month. Every month, they answer these questions….

1. What We’re Eating This Week

Yesterday I shared with you my favorite snack.  I eat it pretty much every day.  It is easy to make and tastes great!

I normally try to grocery shop on Tuesdays but wasn’t really feeling it yesterday. What is it about grocery shopping and laundry? I am awful about putting it off until we are completely out of food and underwear ha! I planned on making this meal later this week, but decided to go to Kroger and grab a rotisserie chicken to use to make chicken fajita tacos.  They were super easy to make-only took about 15 minutes to get it all prepared and ready to eat.

Speaking of things we procrastinate on. I am always so rushed in the morning packing lunches for my kids. A couple of weeks ago, I had surgery and Joseph had to cover for a couple of mornings. As I was telling him all he needed for each kid, he says “babe, I got it. I’ll just get them lunchables. They will love that.” And they did totally love it. I felt a little bad about sending them to school with a lunchable but I quickly appreciated how easy it was to pack their lunch.  This has become my go-to option on mornings when I coach our 6:45am class.  It makes things easier and less hectic.  I love stress free mornings.

Another one of my daily snacks is this yogurt bar.  I try to keep one in my gym bag or purse.  After I had kids, my hunger went kind of crazy.  If I get too hungry I feel so gross.  I always try to have almonds or this bar on hand.

2.  What I’m Reminiscing About

This summer we did not go on our annual Hilton Head Island Trip.  This has been a tradition since Mackenzie was a baby and we really missed not going.  HHI is so special to us for many reasons.  For a long time, Joseph and I couldn’t afford to take beach trips with our kids.  When we began going to HHI, we were at a better place financially.  We were able to do things we couldn’t afford to do before and it quickly became a special place.  We were hoping to go back during our Fall Break next week, but weather is not looking too promising.  We are going to watch it for another day or so before making the final decision.  These are pictures from our trip in 2016.  We love HHI!

3.  What I’m Loving

Let me start by saying I love all three of my kiddos.  But this week this kiddo has stolen my heart.  I am so proud of him and the young man he is becoming.  Jojo has struggled with school since starting 3rd grade.  He has a tutor and she has been so good for him.  Jojo has really worked hard to get his grades up this year.  I’ve learned that not all of our children will be straight A students and that’s ok.  If you give me 100% and you get a B then I will take that B and I will be proud of you no matter what.  This year Jojo has improved so much.  Especially in math.  He was so excited to show us his 100.  I was so happy to see him get excited about his grade and to realize that hard work pays off.  I am loving watching him grow up.

4.  What We’ve Been Up To 

Football and Softball!  Between the two we have no life haha!  It is such a fun season, but it keeps us busy.  My friend Lindsay takes amazing pictures.  Her son is not on our team this year, but since we played their team she took some of all the kiddos.  Thank you Lindsay!  You have a gift my friend!

5.  What I’m Dreading

I couldn’t really think of anything I’m dreading other than this crazy heat.  Can we please have fall weather now?

6.  What I’m Working On

Joseph and I are about to start the 2nd phase of house projects.  When we moved in two years ago we got a lot done right away.  After finishing a couple of big projects we took a break to recover from the craziness of remodeling.   We are ready to get started again and first on the list is new paint.  When we first moved in, we decided to go with a neutral beige color.  I couldn’t decide on a color because we painted before moving in all of our things.  It’s taken some time, but I’ve finally decided to go with a grey.  This is not an easy task!  The choices were overwhelming.  I finally narrowed it down to two and now I think we have agreed on the color.  I can’t wait to see it done!

7.  What I’m Excited About

I am excited about our upcoming projects!  I’m also excited about all things fall and getting my house decorated.

 8.  What I’m Watching/Reading

Who else is excited about fall TV?!?! I am super excited!  All of our shows come back and I can’t wait.  This is Us, Survivor, Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, Will & Grace and Riverdale are just a few of my favorites.  Joseph and I love putting the kids to bed and then hanging out on the couch catching up on our shows.

As far as what I am reading… I have not read very much lately.  I can’t make myself stay still long enough to read.  But I really do want to start reading again so I’ve made a goal to read 1-2 books this month.  I picked this one up at Target today.  I’ve heard great reviews and I love Jen Hatmaker.  I thought it would be a good book to read during my quiet time.

I took Mackenzie to the book fair this week and saw this book on the shelf.  Have y’all watched the previews for Wonder?  Oh my goodness.  I can’t wait to watch it.  I want the big kids and I to read it before watching the movie in November.  It has such a beautiful message!  I was excited when the kids saw it on the table and said they wanted to read Wonder too.

9.  What I’m Listening To

My music is all over the place all the time.  I can go from straight gangster rap to hip hop to Christian music.  These were a couple of the songs I listened to on my way to Target today.

10.  What I’m Wearing

About a year ago or so I was introduced to Lululemon.  Joseph and I took a trip to Asheville and I got to go in the store and try everything on.  I was immediately sold!  The fact that I get a discount for having my CrossFit L1 is a plus.  Wunder Under pants are my favorite.  They feel amazing on and look great.  I have a couple of them in black so I was excited to get these in.  They are a really pretty deep purple.  I can’t wait for cooler weather so that I can wear them without pouring sweat!

Speaking of things I love from Lululemon.  I also love their speed and run times shorts. I wear them pretty much every day.  They are super comfortable.  I was excited for the cooler weather this morning.  I love wearing a lightweight jacket or sweater.

I am also wearing these beautiful No Bull trainer shoes.  They were a sweet surprise gift from my hubby.  They came in the mail the day I got cleared to work out again.  Great timing and thank you babe!

11.  What I’m Doing This Weekend

Football!  Go White Dragons!!

12.  What I’m Looking Forward To Next Month

Fall break starts Monday for our kiddos.  We are hoping to go out of town for a few days.  I am looking forward to some time away with my family.

 13.  What Else Is New

I think I’ve covered pretty much everything!

Bonus question this month: What TV show are you most excited about this fall

Oh my goodness I can’t just pick one!  There are so many that I’m excited about.  But I am super excited about Riverdale. The first season is on Netflix and you should totally watch it.

Well that wraps up my very first What’s Up Wednesday!

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!


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