Tuesday Talk: Bible Study Sign Up Reminder

It has been a crazy couple of days around here. Nothing has gone as planned and I’ve found myself hanging on by the coattails of the day. Today I am linking up with Erica and Ashley for Tuesday Talk.

I am waiting on Mary’s softball game to start and wanted to jump on and remind everyone about signing up for the Virtual Bible Study. You can read all of the details here.

If you want to join us, comment with your email and I’ll send you all the info. I have a coupon code for the book and the link to sign up for the session videos.

We will “meet” once a week via my blog or Facebook page (Maggie Eterno Blog). Be on the lookout for a short video on Sunday with all of the details.

I am excited to share this journey with you and looking forward to all God has in store for us.

Until then, like my Facebook page, buy the book, sign up and get ready to be encouraged, challenged and blessed!


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