Halloween Weekend 2020

Hi friends!

Can you believe it’s November?! Anyone else ready to deck the halls?

We had a crazy busy weekend. And honestly today I am wishing there was a day in between Sunday and Monday!

On Friday, my siblings and their families came over and we made Dad’s pizza. It was a little weird not having my mom here. But she was actually in Hilton Head at our condo with some girlfriends. She’s never been on a trip like this so I was so excited that she was going.

How cute are they?! On Friday she called me to get the code for the electronic lock and y’all. The lock was not working. A couple of hours and two locksmiths later….they were in the condo and we could all breath a little better!

Saturday morning everyone except me slept in so I spent the morning reading and listening to worship music. The house was so quiet and the sun was shining brightly through my windows. It was so nice to have some time to just sit, enjoy the morning and not feel rushed.

That evening, our family and some neighborhood friends came over to hang out for Halloween. It ended up being a low key evening. I wasn’t feeling so great…. I had a diet dr. pepper that upset my stomach, ugh. Early this year I gave up diet dr. pepper for 21 days and noticed a huge change in my gut health. So I decided to cut it out completely. Since then, I’ve only had it twice and both times I’ve regretted it. Needless to say, I am officially breaking up with diet dr. peppers….for good.

But it was still a fun evening! I loved having all three of my kiddos with us. Mary and her friend Reese planned out their entire outfits and looked so cute! They were space cowgirls. How adorable are they?!

Mackenzie was an astronaut this year. She is all into everything space so this was perfect for her.

Jojo opted out of dressing up this year….boo. But he and my nephew, Clay passed out candy to all the trick or treaters.

My sweet niece was a kitty cat….adorable!!

And then the girls and I were hydroflasks!

We had a great evening!

On Sunday we went to church and I have never been so thankful for an extra hour of sleep! We had a full house with friends who stayed over.

I also wore my new dress from Amazon to church. Babes, this dress is on sale right now for $25. It’s the same style as my other dresses that I’ve talked so much about. The only difference is this one is long sleeved.

And of course I wore my new Doc Marten boots!

After church we had lunch with family and friends and then we took Mackenzie to basketball. She wanted us to stay so we stayed and I read while she practiced. Y’all. This book right here is so so good!!

Our book club is currently reading it and I can’t wait for this month’s meeting. I literally got through half of it in one day. I can not wait to hopefully finish it today.

After practice, we picked up Jojo from my sister in laws, grabbed some Barberitos and came home to finally put some comfy clothes on and sit on the couch until bedtime. Anyone else feel like yesterday was a hundred hours long?!

It was a long, but great weekend! I hope you all had a great weekend as well.

See you tomorrow, friends!!


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