Friday Favorites {11.6.20}

Happy Friday, y’all!

This week has flown by. Anyone else feel like it was just Monday yesterday?

I wanted to thank you for all the prayers on Wednesday. Many of you reached out and told me you were praying for me and that meant so much. It’s been a hard week, but last night God reminded me that He is in control. He answered our prayers in a special way and for that I am so thankful.

Just like every week, I am linking up with Andrea and Erika today to share some of my faves!

Grab your coffee and let’s get started!

During quarantine, our neighborhood ladies started a book club and we’ve kept it going. This month we are reading Then She Was Gone by Lisa Jewell. Y’all. OMG. This book was sooooo good!

If you are looking for a really good suspense novel that is a quick and easy read, then this is it. I read this in a couple of days and that says a lot if I read a book that fast.

If you read my post from Monday then you’ve seen my next favorite.

I bought this dress on amazon for $25! This summer, I bought this same style but short sleeved. I love the long sleeve option.

My next couple of favorites are all from Target! A couple of weeks ago, Target was having a BOGO sale on their sweaters. I spotted this sweater and loved the bright pink color!

It is definitely BRIGHT, but I love it! I normally size up to a medium in sweaters because I like them a bit oversized, but I decided to stick to my size on this one and bought a small. I also bought the green one yesterday during their 20% off sale. It’s a great color for the holiday season!

I also bought this cardigan and these boots. Anyone else excited that knee boots have made a come back?!

And here’s one last sweater from Target.

If you follow me on instagram, you know that I’ve been training with Blaire since June. Blair is awesome. We follow the IIFYM plan which I’ve done for years and love. She gives me my macros along with a food plan. This was new for me, but I love to have it. It’s where she basically tells me what to eat for each meal. This is great for days when I don’t want to think about calculating my own food.

Along with my macros, she writes my workouts. I normally do these early in the morning. They focus on different muscles groups each day. Instead of cardio, I go to crossfit unless the WOD (workout of the day) is not very cardio heavy. On those days, I run or do a cardio circuit at home.

For years, I’ve always set up my macros to cut (get lean). And when it was time to reverse (add food) I would quit for a while and just eat what I wanted. In my mind, adding food freaked me out.

In a reverse, you gradually increase your calories throughout several weeks or months to help boost metabolism. In addition, the reverse can help normalize hormones. After cutting food for so long, your body begins to adjust to the number of calories you are taking in and it will plateau. The science behind this is incredible.

I say all this because after months and really years of being in a cut, it was finally time for a reverse. This is where I normally quit and convince myself that I can eat intuitively. But then I end up eating whatever I want and it doesn’t end well… So I decided to get out of my comfort zone and trust Blaire to guide me in the reverse. And y’all. We have almost doubled my food!!! I haven’t gained weight and I’ve seen some major changes in my body composition. I’ve also felt stronger and faster in the gym and I am loving crossfit once again. I can definitely feel the difference in my general mood too which means my hormones must be balancing out. It’s so awesome and I’ve decided that being in a reverse is my favorite thing right now, ha! More food, more strength and more energy? Yes, please!!

If you want to know more about IIFYM, send me a message or you can contact Blaire on instagram. I also love Quincey. She is great for those that are beginners in IIFYM. She’s full of knowledge!

My sweet neighbor and friend has started an online boutique, Lily + Rae. I bought these shoes and LOVE them!!

They are so fun!

And that wraps up this week’s favorites! Friends, I hope you have an AMAZING weekend!!


PS – this post contains affiliate links… thank you so much for reading and supporting my blog!

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