Two More Sleeps

Happy Wednesday, friends!!! Can you believe we have TWO more sleeps until it’s Christmas?! I am so excited and a little sad that this season is almost over.

If you follow me on Instagram, I shared a little bit about how I am normally a grinch and scrooge when it comes to Christmas.

I normally get lost in my long to do list and focus on the material side of Christmas. I wish for for the season to be over before it even begins.

Every year, I’ve gotten a little bit better about it, but this year I was determined to enjoy the season to the fullest. I set out to make the most of it and I can honestly say that I truly have.

It all started with the Advent study I found from a blogger on Instagram. It kept my heart and mind on the true meaning of Christmas-Jesus! It made me see Christmas in a whole different way. The birth of Jesus is the fulfillment of a promise and prophecy. And it’s just as important as the death and resurrection. I don’t know if I ever looked at it that way! I am so thankful for this study and I will for sure do another one next year.

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Honestly I can say that mindset is everything. Instead of looking at my to do list and dreading what I HAD to do, I looked at my to do list as a list of things I GOT to do. I turned on the Christmas music, watched Christmas movies, wore the christmas attire, chose to be merry and joyful and guess what? Eventually it went from forcing myself to do it, to all of a sudden I was really enjoying it!

You know the saying, love is a choice not a feeling? I think that goes for a lot of things. We can’t just sit and wish to feel a certain way. Losing weight and eating healthy isn’t something you “feel” like doing most days, you have to make that choice. And eventually it will become second nature and something you enjoy doing.

Mindset and perspective are everything, friends.

Let’s all turn our frowns upside down this Christmas and choose to be joyful and enjoy it to the fullest.

I hope y’all have an AWESOME Wednesday!!


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