It’s YOUR Journey

Good morning, girls! Can you believe it’s already Wednesday?! We are halfway to the weekend. Woohoo!

I am slowly getting back to normal after being sick. I ended up taking a full two weeks off from the gym and as much as I hated that, honestly I believe it was the best thing for my body.

My body needed the rest and now that I’m feeling better, jumping back in hasn’t been too terrible. Other than being super duper sore, which is normal, I have survived, ha!

When I went back on Monday, slow and steady was the goal. And slow and steady will be my goal until my body tells me to push a little more. Listening to your body is so so important! Especially with this virus.

On Tuesdays, I have my weekly check-ins with my coach and ugh. That’s all I have to say about that.

After not working out for two weeks and not eating on my nutrition plan, I felt so gross and defeated. I started to tell myself that I should’ve tried harder to work out. I should’ve eaten better. My gosh, I had a freaking virus and I was beating myself up!!

I am one to sulk in my failures. I set these unrealistic expectations and then I’m so hard on myself when things don’t go the way I planned them. But I am slowly learning to change this about myself. It’s taken a lot of time, work and effort. But I’m getting better at it. And today I want to encourage you to stop beating yourself up.

Yesterday as soon as all the negative thoughts entered my mind I chose to not sulk. I chose to give myself grace and made myself stop thinking those negative and awful things about myself. Because they are not true.

Why do we do that? Why are we so quick to beat ourselves up?! We are our own worst critics. We are terrible to ourselves.

No more, friends!! Let’s give ourselves grace and realize that this journey is not a sprint. It is a marathon.

It is a daily battle to be the best version of ourselves. Baby steps. One step at a time. With lots and lots of grace.

I don’t know where you find yourself today, but I want to encourage you to take one step forward towards that goal or dream that you have.

Stop thinking about it and just do it. This is your journey. And it’s a beautiful journey that God has set out for you. He has given you all the tools you need to accomplish your dreams. All you need to do is put in the work.

The truth is we are not strong enough. We are not capable. We are weak most days and can get so so tired. But through Him we are strong, we are capable and He alone gives our souls the rest we need.

Realize today that the enemy wants your thoughts to defeat you. But Jesus wants you to take those thoughts captive to Him as soon as they enter your mind. He wants to set you free.

My journey is my journey. Yours is yours. And they are both equally beautiful. Stop looking to others to set the standard and start looking to Jesus because He is THE standard.

“We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.” (2 Corinthians 10:5)

We can do this, friends! I hope you have a GREAT Wednesday!!


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