Stop Apologizing, Babe!

Hi guys! Happy a Wednesday! I hope your week is off to a great start.

Does anyone else feel like it should be Friday? I feel like this has been the longest week ever.

A couple of months ago, we were in Hilton Head with our partners and friends. As we pulled up to the restaurant for dinner, Joseph’s phone rang. It was an important call so he took it. He ended up being on the phone for a while so we ordered his drink for him and an appetizer for all of us.

When he was done with the phone call, the waitress came over to ask if we were ready to order. Joseph immediately apologized for being on the phone.

Her response was awesome and eye opening for all of us. She told Joseph that there was no need to apologize because it was obviously an important call. She said that instead of “I’m sorry I was on the phone” to say “thank you for your patience.” She gave us other examples of switching your apology to gratitude and we all left amazed!

Saying “I’m sorry” has become something that we all say too often. It’s become an automatic response that is almost used with very little weight.

And yes, there are legitimate moments and circumstances when a genuine and sincere apology is the correct response. Like when we bump into someone or when we are expressing our sympathy and empathy or regret for a mistake.

But then there are situations where we are actually lowering our self-worth and damaging our self-confidence by saying “I’m sorry” for actions and circumstances.

For example, how many times have you apologized to someone for taking up their time while you unloaded some of your struggles to them? By saying “I’m sorry for rambling on or taking up your time” you are making it seem like you are wasting their time.

Instead of “I’m sorry” try saying “thank you for listening to me.” This shows them the value you have for their friendship and time rather than diminishing your self-worth.

There is power in gratitude and appreciation. It creates a positive and warm environment and takes away from ourselves.

So today, I want to encourage you to stop apologizing for every little thing and give yourself the value you are worth.

It’s all about mindset. Here are some simple shifts that you can make each day. I found this on the internet and thought it was perfect!

Make these simple changes and see how much better you feel!

I hope y’all have a GREAT day!


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