Friday Favorites {2.12.21}

Happy Friday!! I hope y’all have had a great week. We are spending our long weekend in Hilton Head with my family!

My mom is amazing at cleaning and organizing so she’s been helping me get the kitchen in order. When I was talking to her about coming down with us, it worked out for not only my sis and her family to come, but my brother and sister in law, too!

Jojo’s birthday is next Friday and ever since he was three years old, Joseph has taken him to an Atlanta Hawks game. As he got older, we would let him bring friends and it’s become a fun tradition.

We weren’t sure if they were going to allow fans this year so we encouraged him to find an alternative. Well….

He asked us to bring him to Hilton Head to play at Harbour Town Golf Links. This course is famous for hosting the RBC Heritage Presented by Boeing – South Carolina’s only PGA TOUR event. I don’t know much about golf, but apparently it’s a big deal to play here ha!

Well, here we are and today is the day! Not only is Jojo crossing this off his bucket list, his daddy is too! I’m so excited for them!

But anyways! Back to our scheduled program 🤪. I got a little off topic there. It’s Friday and I have a couple of Friday Faves for you. As always, I’m linking up with Andrea and Erika.

Last week I shared with you how I found an awesome deal at TJ MAXX for these adidas shoes!

Today I’m sharing another TWO amazing deals from Marshall’s!

Find you a friend who thinks of you when she comes across an amazing deal! These shoes are regular $108 and she found them for $29.99!

Aren’t they the cutest!! I was so excited! I linked them on my profile. They are regular price, but I linked some from Nordstrom Rack that are also at a great price!

I love a good deal!

Next up, is this Harley Military Jacket by Free People. It is regular $168 and I found it at Marshall’s for $49.99!

I wore it yesterday and love it. You can tell it’s made very well and something that I will have for years. If you are local, I found this one in Commerce!

I love my robe! I’ve had it for a few years and started to notice it was probably time to retire it haha! I wear it every day.

On a quick trip to Target, I skimmed the pajama section and saw that they had these on sale for $25! I just looked and they are still on sale!

They are super soft and cozy. I actually like it better than my old one that was fleece. This one is chenille so it’s not as heavy or hot as my old one.

So for old times sake, let’s bid farewell to my old robe!

And let’s welcome the new!

And for a favorite that you already know, my crew! Life with these five is more than I could ever have dreamed of. Joseph and I went for a walk yesterday and we talked about how much we love that our kids actually enjoy our company!

Our little family is what’s most important. And I pray that as they grow up, they will continue to want to spend time with us. As they get married and have kids of their own, I hope they will always want to come visit us.

A couple of years ago, we went through a crazy season. Our kids were always gone to friends’ houses and always felt the need to have someone with them. Sleepovers aren’t bad, but it had gotten to the point that we never saw our kids. We had fallen out of going to church and God wasn’t a priority.

Our pastor did a sermon series that literally changed our life. We took our family back and we haven’t looked back since! Life is certainly not perfect and we still have hard seasons. But God is our constant and we work hard to keep Him at the center of our lives.

Together is our default and together is the best place to be.

Y’all, I’ve been loving graphic tees! They can get quite expensive though! I’ve found some of the best deals at Target. This one is $14.99. I normally wear a medium for a looser fit, but this one is a large and I think I prefer this size.

This jacket is a constant fave! It’s from Target also and I just found out that they have it in black. It’s super soft and warm. You can wear it with jeans or leggings.

And that’s all I have for today!! I’m so thankful for you all. You read my posts and you’re always so encouraging!

Have a GREAT Weekend, babes!!!


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