What’s Up Wednesday {2.24.21}

Hey, hey hey! It’s the last Wednesday of the month, y’all! Where has February gone? I mean, it’s flown by.

Today is What’s Up Wednesday in blog land. I link up with Shay and Sheaffer to share a little bit of everything!

Grab your coffee or drink of choice and let’s go, friends!


Joseph left early Monday morning for Las Vegas so I had him grill me plenty of chicken before he left.

I actually just wrote a post where I share the marinade recipe along with four of my go to meals. You can read it here.

My kiddos are eating these:

Have you tried these?! Oh. My. Goodness. They are from Sam’s Club and taste almost exactly like Chickfila nuggets and fries. My kiddos love them! They also have chicken sandwiches. They are a quick go to meal for our busy evenings.


Oh my goodness. Look what came up in my Facebook memories this morning from 10 years ago!

My sweet, bug!! How has it been 10 years?!

And this next picture….

Y’all. That was my life, ha! Two babies in a stroller and my bubs walking beside me. We had a weekly outing to Target for my sanity and theirs. I can’t believe life has gone so fast.

I mean… look at them now…

Oh my gosh. I’m going to go cry now. BRB.

Seriously though. Mommas, I hated when older moms would tell me to enjoy those baby moments because they would go by so fast. I was knee deep in bottles and diapers and I didn’t want to hear that. But now I understand why they would say it. It’s true. It goes by so very fast.

The days are long, but the years are short. Babies don’t keep.


Oh my goodness. I am loving so many things. Let’s see…

I’m loving the dedication and hard work that I’m seeing from Jojo with his golf game. On Monday since Jospeh was out of town, I got to go with him to his golf match.

I was a little out of my element. I’m not a great golf cart driver. It makes me nervous for some reason, but I got it together and was there for my boy! He did great. His team won and he got 2nd place by one stroke.

He has practiced almost daily. If he’s not at the golf course, he’s outside in the yard with his net practicing his swing.

What I’m most proud of is how calm he stayed during his match. He is quick to get down and discouraged when things aren’t going well, but not on Monday. He stayed calm and level headed the entire time. Proud momma right here!

I shared this on Instagram this weekend and can’t go without sharing it here.

These are my current favorite beauty products that I am loving.

Laura Mercier Setting Powder. This is the bomb.com, ha! But seriously, it really is. I use it after I apply my concealer under my eyes to set the concealer. You can also use it for your whole face. It truly does set your make-up for hours!

Clinique Concealer. This concealer was recommended by one of the Ulta employees. It conceals while it moisturizes while hiding those dark circles and brightening your eyes. I am loving it!

Revlon Lipstick. I’ve been on a hunt for the perfect nude color lipstick and I’ve found it! And! It’s less than $5! Seriously, I love it. Many of you have already bought it from when I shared it on my Instagram. If you are looking for an affordable nude lipstick, try this one out!


The kiddos are full swing into their spring sports. Jojo is playing golf with the middle school and he’s also playing tournaments through a youth league.

Soccer is back and we are loving it! We are ready for warmer temps, but I love watching my girl on the soccer field.

Mary finished up her competition cheer season and starts tumbling next week. She’s enjoying the little break. Due to Covid and postponing the season, the girls ended up practicing for nine months. They were all happy to have a little break.

She’ll try out for next year’s team in a couple of weeks so now we tumble to get ready for that.


The upcoming weather 😫. I am super excited about the sunny and 72, but I’m ready for the rain to let up already. It is looking a little better than it was, so maybe it won’t be so bad.


Oh goodness. Lots of things. I’m trying my best to not be overwhelmed actually.

I’m creating content for my Instagram account. If you don’t follow me, please do! I share everything from faith to fitness and outfits and home decor. You can find me by clicking here. I’m working on my LIKEtoKNOW.it profile, too. You can find it here 😁.

I’m also training with my sister to learn her position for work. She is the admin on our real estate team and is having a baby in a couple of weeks. I’m going to cover for her while she’s gone. I’m super nervous. I have big shoes to fill because she is amazing at what she does!


My man is on his way home!! He’ll be here any minute now and I can’t wait to hug his neck!

If you know me personally, then you know how much I HATE when Joseph goes out of town. Yes, hate. I know it’s a strong word but that’s how I feel, ha!

I just miss him so much. He is part of me. We spend so much time together that when he’s gone, my heart aches. Hahaha!! Yes, I’m so dramatic 🤪🤣.

But seriously. I do miss him like crazy when he’s gone, but I’m glad he had a couple of days to play golf and have some guy time.

I was thinking this morning about our newly married days and how I would be late to work on days that he was off. He was a police officer and worked nights so when he was off, he slept in. I remember us talking about how much we wished that we didn’t have to leave each other and we could just hang out all day.

Well, that’s basically what we do now and have been doing for years. We work together so we’re able to spend a lot of time with each other. We still need our breaks and alone time every now and then, but I am so thankful that life has allowed us to do what we do.

I know that’s not for everyone and we are probably not your typical couple, ha! But when I say he’s my best friend. He is literally my best friend. I love you, babe!!!


I am continuing my plan of reading through the Bible this year. I had a lot of catching up to do from last week, but I’m all caught up. I am doing the Bible Recap with a group of 30 ladies and I am loving it! If you are wanting to read through the Bible, I highly recommend this plan.

I’m not really watching anything at the moment. I’m listening to a lot of podcasts on blogging and business so that takes up most of my time. I am, however, finally done with Dawson’s Creek.

Y’all. I was not prepared for the finale! I cried and cried!! Ugh. It was so good.

I did see the preview to this last night and I think I’m going to watch it this weekend. I think it may even be appropriate for my kiddos to watch. Have you seen it?


I am still loving my morning worship music. Currently playing in the background is Elevation Worship’s My Testimony.

I also have this random assortment of songs on a playlist I created and I’ve been listening to that in the car.


Leggings, leggings and leggings! I’m loving these from American Eagle. Y’all know I love pink!

I’m loving the sneakers trend and I am loving these that I bought from H&M. I can’t find the white ones online, but I linked some in a different color. They are comfortable and true to size.

Speaking of sneakers…. I’ve been wearing these non stop. I’ve actually worn them more than my GG shoes.

I’ve worn them with leggings, dresses, and jeans. They literally can be worn with everything!

It’s been freezing here in Georgia! Soccer is back in full swing so I’ve been having to bundle up for our tournaments. This jacket is my life saver. Several of you have bought it and that makes me happy that I was able to share it with you!


We have a weekend off of soccer before we pick back up and have games every weekend in March. So I’m enjoying the free weekend!

Jojo has his first golf tournament. We are excited that the rain seems to be holding off!


Warmer temps and Spring!! Anyone else?!


I think I’ve covered it all!! Friends, my man just walked in the door so I’m off to hug his neck!

Y’all have a GREAT Wednesday!!!


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  1. I HATE it when my husband has to travel overnight too. Thankfully he only does it about once every five years but it still sucks 🙁

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