Friday Favorites {2.26.21}

Hi, friends!!! It’s Fri-Yay!!!

I hope you had the best week! I hope that you saw God in all of the moments of your life. I hope that He comforted you in your time of need and that His peace overwhelmed your soul this week. God is good, friends. In all the moments of our lives, He is there, orchestrating every single detail.

If you’ve had a rough week, take a deep breath in and out and release it to Him. Choose this morning to have a good day. Fight the enemy. Don’t let his lies take anymore headspace. Turn on the worship music. Open His Word. Fill your mind with His truth.

In conclusion, my friends, fill your minds with those things that are good and that deserve praise: things that are true, noble, right, pure, lovely, and honorable. Philippians 4:8

It’s Friday and you know what that means, Friday Favorites link-up with Erika and Andrea. Here are my favorites for the week!

This last weekend, we celebrated Jojo turning 14. I’m still in shock that he’s actually 14 and headed to high school in July 😭.

On Monday, I took him to his first golf match. Totally out of my comfort zone to be on a golf course by myself driving a golf cart. But I loved it! Love watching him do what he loves and work hard at it.

Jojo is a great kiddo. And I know that I brag on him all the time. But I do want to say this, he’s definitely not perfect. Currently our struggle with him is making him realize that he has to contribute to the household. He’s in charge of taking out the trash and the bins to the curb once a week. And for some reason, he feels like he shouldn’t have to do it. He thinks we should do it because we are the adults 😳. Ummm, yeah. That conversation didn’t go so well this morning, ha!

So there you go, we are all raising kiddos who talk back and don’t want to do chores. But if we don’t teach them, how will they learn?

I want my kids to realize that nothing is free. We are not entitled to anything and everything we have is because we work super hard every single day.

It’s a hard lesson to teach. But if we are consistent and patient. Ugh. Patience. So hard right?! If we do those two things, they will learn. Raise good humans who love the Lord and are kind to others. That’s my goal ❤️.

I’ve been eyeing the new Lululemon Align pink leggings, but they have been sold out for weeks. I saw these on an Instagram sponsored link from American Eagle and decided to try them.

They were $26 and I actually really like them. My one complaint is that they come up really high. I’m super short and have a short torso so I struggle with high rise leggings. But I folded them down and they were fine. I really love the color.

And since we are talking about my height and short torso, ha! Let me tell you about my jeans! They are from Target. They are $24.99! And they are mid-rise 🙌🏼.

They are true to size and they come in a short length! So I don’t have to fold them up at the bottom. It’s a win-win for this short girl!

I am loving this lipstick by Revlon. I shared it on Wednesday, but I just had to share it again. It’s the perfect shade of nude and it’s moisturizing.

I think you can kind of see the color in this picture.

This Target sweater has been a repeat wear for me. It’s the perfect length. Not super thick and it comes in so many pretty colors. Oh! And, it’s $20!

Look at all the pretty colors! You can totally take these into the spring season. Wear them with jeans or shorts. I think I’m going to get it in the pink!

And that’s all I have this week!

I hope y’all have a GREAT Friday and a wonderful weekend.


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