Let’s Look: A Perfect Night In!

Hi, friends! I’m a little late getting my post out today. I’m telling y’all, daylight savings kicks my butt every year. I’ve been waking up an hour late. Hoping I can adjust back soon. I miss my “me” time in the morning!

Today is the March edition of Let’s Look. Once a month, I link up with Shay and Erika and “look” at different aspects of our life.

In January, we looked at our coffee bar areas.

In February, we looked at our love languages.

And today, we are looking at our PERFECT NIGHT IN!

As a kid, my daddy made his own pizza crust and every Friday night we would have a movie night and eat pizza. His pizza became quite famous. It’s delicious and everyone that tried agreed.

He would make it for us anytime we had friends over. He made it for our teachers, for my sorority sisters. He made it for everyone. He loved sharing it with others.

When dad passed away, I asked my mom to teach me to make the pizza crust. I wanted to learn so that I could make it for my family. I’m not a great baker, so for me, it was hard.

One night, it took me three tries before I finally got it right. I’ve been persistent and I think I’ve become quite good at it.

And we do the same thing I did as a kid, eat pizza and watch a movie.

So of course, my perfect night in involves dad’s pizza!

During quarantine, we did this multiple times a week! It was so awesome. And we’ve continued to do it more even after we’ve gone back to almost normal.

I make the pizza. We eat. Then we pile up in the living room with blankets and watch a movie. It’s our favorite thing to do!

How about you? What’s your favorite way to spend a night in?

Next month, we will be “looking” at our pantry and fridge. Ummmm it’s gonna take me a month to clean them and organize them 🤣. Making a mental note now, to make sure I get that done.

I hope y’all have the BEST day!!


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