About Me

familyHi there!  Welcome to my little space on the web.  My name is Maggie Eterno.  I live in a small town in North Georgia with my husband of almost 16 years and my three kiddos.  I am a stay at home mom and help my husband with his real estate group.  I have a bachelors in Psychology and Business with a Certificate in Christian Counseling.

When I decided to start blogging again I went back and forth about reactivating my old blog or starting fresh.  I decided a new space was much needed.

When I first started blogging 10 years ago, I set so many expectations on myself.  I quickly fell into the comparison trap and felt that my life and blog didn’t measure up.

You know what they say about comparison being the thief of joy?  Well that happened to me.  All I could do when reading other blogs was compare my life and my reality to theirs.  And what happens when we do that?  Our joy is gone and all of a sudden we are staring at our life wondering why it isn’t like theirs.

It took a lot of growing up and a lot of lessons learned, but I began to appreciate all that God blessed me with.  I also began to appreciate reality and knowing that we are all just trying to get through this crazy life. No one is perfect no matter how perfect their blog, Facebook page or Instagram account looks. We all struggle and that’s ok! The blogging break was much-needed, but I am excited to start writing again.  I’ve always felt that God leads us through struggles and different paths so that through our experiences we can encourage and inspire others.

Over the last few years, so much has happened in my life.  From staying at home full-time with babies to working from home and co-owning a CrossFit gym with my best friend.  I lost my dad two years ago and life just hasn’t been the same. Life is definitely still busy, but those babies I once blogged about are not babies anymore.  My house is a little bit cleaner and put together, but I think it’s because I’ve learned to finally set myself on a schedule and stay on top of everyday tasks.  Not to mention, my kiddos are in school during the day and it leaves me with time to get my chores done.  Now, is my house always clean?  Nope, nope nope.  But I’ve learned to know that it’s ok.  Life is busy, schedules are crazy and a sink full of dishes and dirty laundry are part of life.

Life is busy, this mama is still tired, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

So welcome to my space where I will share everything from meal ideas to crazy ramblings about my day to stories of grieving and stories of encouragement.  Life around here is perfectly imperfect and I hope I can encourage you to embrace the life God blessed you with!