Show and Tell Tuesday: A Day in the Life

Hey Y’all!  Today I am linking up with Andrea for her fun Show and Tell Link Up.  Twice a month she does a show and tell post about certain topics.  Today it is about a day in the life.  This is one of my favorites.  I love reading about people’s days and their routines.  It’s interesting to see how different and/or similar they are to mine.

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So…here we go!  For this Day in the Life I chose yesterday as my day to document.

I am trying my best to be an early riser.  Before the kids were in school, I would wake up around 6 am, run at 6:30 and then get them up around 7:30.  This worked great with our schedules.  I loved being up before everyone because it gave me some quiet time to get a couple of things done around the house.

Now that the kids are in elementary school, our day begins much earlier.  This means that I have to wake up a lot earlier.  I am happier when I am up before the crew because it gives me a moment to breathe, have my coffee (a must) and get ready for the day.

My goal is to wake up between 4:30 and 4:45 am.  I am slowly working up to that so I have been setting my alarm a little earlier each day.  Today I woke up at 5:15.  I wasn’t scheduled to coach so I had all morning to get a couple of things done.

img_6765I am trying to be a little better about taking some time each morning to do my quiet time.  I normally pull up She Reads Truth and read the devotion of the day.  I talk a little bit about that here.img_6853I LOVE essential oils.  I have a couple of staple oils that I always keep on hand.  This morning I diffused a joy blend.  img_6854We had a packed day and after being on fall break I wanted to make sure I knew where we needed to be and at what time.  Our evening included softball practice for Mackenzie, a double-header for Mary and football practice for Jojo. img_6856I try to eat within 30 minutes of waking up.  My friend and coach at our box suggested I do this to get my metabolism going.  I have a packet of Quaker original oatmeal every morning.  During my cut this summer I ate it plain because I didn’t want to use my macros ha!  So now I’ve gotten used to the taste and flavor.  Sometimes I’ll change it up, but this is my go to.img_6863Coffee pot let me know coffee was done-hallelujah!  So I fixed my coffee and went ahead and poured Joseph’s as well.img_6857I  packed lunches and filled water bottles.  Joseph wakes the kids up every morning and they get dressed before heading downstairs for breakfast.  I set out their clothes each night to make our mornings go easier.img_6858Here are my munchkins.  Good morning kiddos!  Pancakes for the girls and muffins for Jojo.img_6859After breakfast the kiddos brush their teeth and I brush their hair.  They had some time to hang out so they played with their remote control cars.

At 6:55 am they were off to school.  Joseph does drop off in the mornings.  It’s his time with the kiddos and he loves taking them to school.  Love this sweet girl who made sure she gave me an extra “I wuv you mommy.”

And story of my life…coffee gets cold so in the microwave it goes.  Anyone else do this?  I took a couple of sips and got ready to go to the box.img_6861I didn’t coach this morning so I made sure to get my workout in.  We are celebrating our anniversary month with a fun competition.  We are divided into teams and get points for posting on social media.  I made sure to check in to get my points.  Go Team Juan!img_6798Joseph and I came home after our workout and I made us breakfast.  We have the same breakfast every day.  Egg whites for me and whole eggs for him on a tortilla with turkey bacon and more coffee because coffee is life ha!img_6862And off to work on this pile of laundry…  Being out-of-town always puts me behind.  img_6864Years ago I hated making my bed.  I always thought it was a waste of time.  As I got older I started to enjoy making my bed. It just make the bedroom look put together and clean.  I use this time to think about my kiddos and pray for them.  I know it may seem weird, but there’s just something about going around their room, cleaning up their pjs and thanking God for their little lives.  I also pray favor for each of my kids.  My dad prayed for us every single morning and I want to continue doing that for my kids.img_6865I am not a dog person.  I know I know…I have a dog.  Yes, I know this.  But we finally gave in and bought the kiddos a dog.  Harley is our goldendoodle and he loves to follow you around.  He does not sit.  He roams all day.  So it drives me bonkers.  But he’s been extra calm since we picked him up from the boarding place.  I kinda missed him while we were gone…maybe there is hope that I’ll finally become a dog person ha!  This morning he was extra sweet so I let him come upstairs and hang out with me while I did laundry, made beds and cleaned up.img_6866I needed to run a couple of errands in Athens.  I normally just pick something up for lunch but I am trying to be better about eating leftovers.  We had spaghetti squash for dinner last night so I heated it up and ate it before I left.img_6867I went to my favorite place….Target ha!  Mary is going on an out-of-town field trip and is a little nervous about going without me.  I went and bought her a couple of fun things to take with her on her trip.img_6868I picked up Mackenzie from school and met the big kids at home.  Mary found her goody bag and was so excited! img_6869Jojo tried to tell me he didn’t have homework but yeah he totally did.  That kid! I swear! img_6870Joseph came home and sat with the kiddos so that I could go grab a couple of things.  My normal grocery day is Tuesday but I needed a few things for dinner.img_6871I was excited to try a new recipe.  Joseph and I are trying to eat healthy while keeping a good variety in our meals.  I think this was pretty healthy!  It was easy too.img_6872Here’s the recipe.  You should totally try it.  It was really good.  I got it out of my Food Network Magazine.  You could probably leave off the cheese for a “cleaner” meal.  I also used white meat from two rotisserie chickens. Mary loves to eat the dark meat so I always save that for her.  Oh, and I added the juice of a whole lime while it was cooking.img_6873

I love music playing while I cook.  We all had a dance party since practice and games were cancelled.


I emptied out the dishwasher in between making dinner.  I got a text and email saying Mary’s games and Mackenzie’s practice were cancelled due to weather.  Yay!  I love a rainy night in.  Poor Jojo still had practice.img_6874Chili is done!  I added avocados and a little bit of greek yogurt.  It’s a great substitute for sour cream.  We all had dinner and then the boys were off to football practice.img_6875I tried out my new nail polish by Essie.  This color is called Caviar Bar.  It’s their gel combo.  I love going to get my nails done.  I’ve had SNS on my nails since earlier this year.  Lately I’m feeling like my nails need a bit of a break so I bought Essie gel polish in hopes that it can be a good option.  I love having my nails painted.  img_6876I sat down with Mackenzie while she did her homework and Mary took a shower.img_6877I tucked them in and unloaded the dryer.  Now…I tucked them in, but Mackenzie came in my room about 1,000,948,798 times.  Y’all.  I am not even kidding.  She has nights where she can not go to sleep.  And then she has nights when she is out by 8 pm.  I don’t get it. img_6878-1The boys got back from football around 9:20 pm.  Jojo was making sure I knew about spirit week and what he needed to wear each day.img_6879-1I sent him to shower and then I got in the shower.  I normally go to bed once I’m done with my shower, but I was hungry. img_6880-1Around 10 pm I went to bed and watched a little bit of Monday Night Football.  After Joseph fell asleep I turned it to something else! img_6889-1And then tried to close my eyes and fall asleep at about 10:30 pm.img_6890-1So…there you have it!  Our days are normally not this chill.  We go non stop but the cancelled games and practice made for a nice slow day at the Eterno house.

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img_6749Have a great Tuesday friends!