Christmas Gift Guides: Teachers


Our teachers are absolutely amazing. I am always so thankful for all they do for our kids. During the holiday season, they are top on my list, but I always struggle to know exactly what to buy for them. So I went to social media and I asked them to give me their favorite Christmas gifts. And boy, did they deliver! So without further ado, let’s get started.


Believe it or not, gift cards were at the top of the list. Specifically, Amazon gift cards. One of my teacher friends said that everyone thinks they aren’t personal enough, but she truly loves them.

When deciding on a gift card, I would choose one from a store that offers a variety of items. For example, not all teachers love coffee so a Starbucks gift card wouldn’t really be something they would use.


Another gift that many said they loved was a handwritten card. My sweet Mackenzie loves to write her own cards so it made me feel happy that I let her do her own instead of buying a generic card from the store. This is a great gift all around and especially if you are on a tight budget. A handwritten note with a bag of baked cookies or Christmas Crack would be perfect!


Ornaments were also on the list! One of the teachers that commented said she has a tree for all the ornaments from her students. I love giving ornaments! I’ll make some Christmas Crack and put it in a cellophane bag and tie the ornament around it.

“I truly appreciate any gift given. Gifts are special because of the giver! I have a tree that I put ornaments on given to me by students. I can still remember each student and see their faces when I decorate that tree!”


Who doesn’t love a candle?!! I know that some can be very expensive, so I recommend hitting up Bath and Body Works during their sales! I get most of mine, if not all, from TJ Maxx and Marshall’s. The Sand and Fog candles smell amazing! You can add a pair of fuzzy, warm socks with your candle!


Coffee mugs!! Oh if you know me, you know I love my mugs. This is the easiest gift. Walmart, Target, TJ Maxx and Marshall’s have great and fun options. Add some fuzzy socks to this as well or if you know they love coffee, you can add a Starbucks gift card!


Y’all. I love these pens! And apparently teachers do too. You can buy a bigger pack and give each teacher two or three along with a gift card, ornament or a candle!


Do we need to say more? Ha! One year I gave our teachers a gift certificate to Public Square Wine Market with a Yeti wine tumbler. They loved it.


“Something for self care or something towards a date night. Teachers give their absolute all daily, spending their own money on their students and often have little left to give their families or themselves.”

The Foot Palace is a great option for this! They offer 30 minutes for $25 and 60 minutes for $35. If you have more than one teacher, you can round up a couple of parents to pitch in!

I think the most important thing I heard from all the teachers was that we don’t have to buy them anything. They all truly love our kiddos. And it means so much to them that we would want to give them a gift. I think we can overthink it and try too hard. So don’t feel the pressure to go out and break the bank. Especially middle school and high school mommas with multiple children who have multiple teachers. It can get quite expensive.

“Not just saying this, but seriously, anything means so much that you even thought to get us something!!! We love your kids so much!”

I hope this guide helps you in your shopping this year. I’d love to hear from you and what you normally give your teachers. Do you want have any fun items to add to the list?

I hope you all have a GREAT Thursday!