IIFYM And A Quick Lunch

Happy Wednesday, friends!

Today I am hopping on real quick to give you a quick lunch idea. As you know, I follow the “if it fits your macros” plan (IIFYM). Instead of counting calories, I track macronutrients (protein, fats and carbs) everyday. I’ve been doing this on and off for almost four years and find that this is what works best for me.

You can adjust your macros depending on your goals. I love the flexibility of being able to make my food work for me if that makes sense.

I do work with a coach. I haven’t always worked with a coach, but I find that it keeps me accountable and guides me in the right direction. My coach is awesome. She provides a food plan that I can follow on days that I don’t want to figure out my own meals. But most days, I love being able to decide what I want to eat and how to make it “fit.” This gives me a little more freedom when we are busy and eating out more.

Every morning, I input all of my food into the My Fitness Pal app and it calculates it for me. This helps me plan out my day and stay on plan.

I often get asked what I eat because it sounds like this would be a hard plan to follow. But it’s actually quite simple once you get the hang of it. And it’s amazing to see how the science behind it really does work!

I’m currently on a reverse which is when you gradually increase your calories throughout several weeks or months to help boost metabolism. In addition, the reverse can help normalize hormones. After cutting food for so long, your body begins to adjust to the number of calories you are taking in and it will plateau. Like I said, science behind this is incredible. I shared a little bit of this on my Friday Favorites post a couple of weeks ago.

So far the reverse is going great! My coach shared a post on Instagram earlier this week with a small spotlight and my before and current pictures. You can see it here.

It’s amazing how I’m eating double the calories from when I first started working with her and I’m seeing some crazy results. It really makes me excited for cutting season!

But anyways! I shared allllll of that to share with you a quick and easy meal that is on repeat at my house. It’s delicious, super easy to make and fits in my macros perfectly.

It’s nothing glamorous, it’s just a rice bowl! Depending on what you need to hit your macros you can add or take away some of the ingredients. You can replace the rice with shredded lettuce which is what I do when I have less carbs in my numbers. You can also add black beans if you need more carbs. The avocado can be added or taken away depending on your numbers as well. It’s very flexible!

Here is what I used to make this one:

I actually suggest using basamati rice. You can get more rice for less calories. But because I have more calories at the moment, I used jasmine rice. Y’all. You put this in the microwave for ONE minute!


I add rotisserie chicken. I buy two of these at a time and they last me a couple of days. It’s great to have it on hand on days when I am rushed!

I add in avocados and lots of lime!

And then top it off with this salsa that is so good!

If you need some extra fat and protein you can add shredded cheese.

And voila!

I’m always hesitant to share these easy meals because I assume everyone already knows about them. But then I think about how they help me when someone shares them.

Eating healthy isn’t hard. Actually, it can be quite easy! Even if you aren’t ready to count macros or calories, you can still make positive changes in your nutrition that can make a huge difference!

What are some of your favorite easy meals??