Jojo is Fourteen!




Today, my sweet Jojo. My first born is fourteen years old. FOURTEEN!!

This sweet baby….

…is not a baby anymore.

Excuse me ☝🏼 for a moment while I sit here and cry. I mean, is this really that sweet baby boy that we brought home? How has time flown by?

Y’all. This kid is different. There’s something special about him that I know hasn’t been shown to us yet. God has something BIG planned for Jojo’s life and I can’t wait to see what it is.

He has the biggest heart. He loves Big! He is kind and funny, he’s loving and attentive. He loves to hug you and tell you that he loves you.

I love our evenings together after the girls have gone to bed and he sits and watches TV with his dad and I. He loves to spend time with us and I pray that never changes.

He’s beginning to really see what he wants in life and he’s talking more about the future than he ever has.

He has the gift of discernment which doesn’t surprise me at all. My daddy had this gift and I have it too.

I am sad that time has gone by so fast and my sweet baby is not a baby anymore. It’s bittersweet because I am loving this season of life.

I know that these next four years will fly by and he will be off to college before we know it. And I just can’t even wrap my mind around that right now. So I’m going to stop talking about it, ha!

My sweet Jojo, I am so unbelievably proud of the man you are becoming every day. It is evident that you have chosen to walk with Jesus by the way you love.

These next four years are not going to be easy. There will be things that will try to pull you away from who you are. But rest assured that you have an army of prayer warriors covering you in prayer every single day. Stay true to who you are. Be confident in the person that God made you.

Dream, baby Dream! Shoot for the stars! Dream big and work towards those dreams every single day. Seeing your dreams and goals come to life will not be an easy task. You will fail, you’ll make mistakes but learn from them and allow them to move you forward.

Love the Lord with all of your heart, mind and soul and your neighbor as yourself. And as Big Pop would tell Papa Rob, treat the janitor with the same respect that you treat the principal. I pray that you will always see people through God’s eyes.

You are a difference maker, a world changer. You are loving and kind. You are strong. You are brave and not anxious. You are a good friend and brother. And sweet boy, you are an amazing son.

Your daddy and I love you and we are so thankful and honored to be your parents.

Happy birthday, Jojo!