Are You Control Freak?

One of the bloggers that I love recommended this book and loved it! You can read her post about it, here. She gave it a great review and even said it was one of the best faith-based books she’s ever read.

It’s a memoir about a mom letting go of control in her life/work/family/everything. Here’s the description on the back of the book. I tried to paraphrase, but it was so good and I wanted you to read it.

It’s time to get our control under control.Jennifer Dukes Lee never thought she struggled with control. As long as everything went exactly the way she wanted it to, she was totally flexible.But then Jennifer discovered what happens when you try to wrap your arms around everything, thinking it’s all on you: You get burned out on hustle. You toss and turn more at night, and you laugh less during the day. You’re so busy-caring, serving, working, and trying so hard-that you can’t even hear God’s voice anymore.It’s All Under Control is a book for every woman who is hanging on tight and trying to get each day right-yet finding that life often feels out of control and chaotic. Join Jennifer on the journey of learning how to:

  • Overcome the anxieties and worries that burden your heart
  • Prioritize your busy life so you can make choices that align with God’s best for you
  • Find freedom through a new “Do, Delegate, or Dismiss” approach to your daily tasks
  • Let go of what God has not asked you to do, so you can shine at what he has

Discover a new way of living that will free you to be you, and finally experience the peace of knowing a God who truly has it all under control.

I don’t know about you, but I’m a major control freak. Not having control throws me into a major panic. I freak out on my husband and my kids and completely ruin the day when I feel like I’ve lost control.

I definitely have come a long way, but there are seasons in my life where I feel the control freak in me begin to rise from the dead, ha! That is me right now.

I have a lot of hats that I am juggling right now and feel so frazzled because I don’t feel in control most days. So needless to say, I need this book now. I needed it weeks ago.

I wasn’t going to share this book until after I read it, but I felt like God was telling me that someone needs to read this book as much as I do.

I’d love for you to read it with me! I’m going to try my best to read one chapter per day. I’d recommend buying it from Target or For some reason Amazon was tricky with this one. I’ve ordered this book THREE times. Twice it was lost and never showed up. I decided to try one more time and I finally got it. So just a heads up on that.

I’ll include the Target link at the end of this post.

I hope y’all have the BEST day! We are halfway through the week and the weekend is again, in sight. Love you all!